CGT Innovation

CGT is imaginative, driven by distinct insight into style trends and market needs. CGT has earned a reputation as a “go-to” source for ideas, a claim that no other cover stock supplier can make. Its non-traditional thinking propels CGT’s evolution of breakthrough surface material products that are stylish, soft and durable.

Inside our innovation studio located in Bingham Farms, Michigan, our designers bring a wealth of experience and insight to the company’s drive to provide customers with modern, tactile materials. They find inspiration for our cover stocks throughout the worlds of fashion, furniture and product design as well as culture trends.

Our innovation studio is open to everybody. OEM designers frequent our studio often to browse through our vast library of samples or to “thinktank” with us on the creating the prefect grain, feel, texture and color for their show cars.

Simply put, we are here to work with you to create “the perfect finish” for any application.